Another Rainy Weekend Expected

It may seem like it just began, but the days-long dry spell we’ve been enjoying will come to an end this weekend.

A cold front moved through the Central Savannah River Area Tuesday night, with cool high pressure settling in behind the front. Temperatures were well above average the past few days, but are dropping to below average starting tonight with lows near 30°.

While clear weather is expected to continue through Friday, a low pressure system is developing in the Rockies and will move southeast toward the Gulf Coast states. By Saturday, this low pressure system is expected to be located over Louisiana with rain developing in the CSRA. High pressure to our north and northwest should keep chilly temperatures in place when the rain arrives and through the duration of the rain, which will likely end by Sunday evening.

The Weather Prediction Center's forecast surface map for Sunday morning
The Weather Prediction Center’s forecast surface map for Sunday morning

You may be asking, “is there a chance of snow?” And the answer is “no.” Just a chilly rain. It’s still a bit early to tell how much rain will fall, but as of now, it does not look to be a heavy rain event. So if you’ve been needing to do some yard work, try to get it done before Saturday afternoon or you may have to wait until next weekend—if it’s actually dry!

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