Spring Forward Saturday Night

AUGUSTA, Ga. – Times—they are a’changin’! Literally!

It’s almost time to spring forward! If you have manual clocks or watches, you’ll need to set those one hour ahead before going to bed Saturday night, March 9, as Daylight Saving Time begins at 2 a.m. Sunday, March 10. At that time, 2 a.m. becomes 3 a.m.

That means we will “lose” an hour of sleep, but we’ll all gain more daylight in the evening.

While you’re changing your clocks, it’s a good idea to replace smoke detector batteries and give your fire extinguishers a good shake so they will work properly in the event of a fire.

Another noticeable impact of this time change will be sunrise and sunset. In Augusta, Sunday’s sunrise will occur at 7:45 a.m. Sunset will occur at 7:32 p.m. Yes, daylight hours are lengthening through the summer solstice, which occurs June 21. So you can credit both the time change and the angle of the sun for giving us more daylight.

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