Augusta Area Christmas Lights Hot Spots for 2020

What better way to enjoy the holidays this year than by getting in your car and have some fun, safe and free family entertainment while looking at Christmas lights?

Rich’s Pick of the Year!

2004 Bald Eagle Dr. β€” The video above demonstrates a precise and astounding display of lights timed to incredible music! You’ll want to stay for hours, but please allow others to look as well. On your approach, turn your radio to 106.3 FM for songs that magnify the Lord! The lights are impeccably timed to various instruments and notes in the songs. The video doesn’t do it justiceβ€”it’s incredible!


The Summerville Campus of Augusta University is hosting a drive through lights display this year in lieu of its traditional annual tree lighting celebration. Read more >>

Oakdale Rd. β€” You’ll find no grinches on Oakdale Road between Apricot Lane and Dan Street in the National Hills area. The star of the bunch is located at 1107 Oakdale.

University Hospital β€” Take a drive down D’Antignac Street in front of the hospital to see a large Christmas tree and lots of lights surrounding the main entrance to the hospital.

Church of the Good Shepherd β€” Per usual, the large evergreen tree near Walton Way has been decorated with lots of white lights, making for a beautiful sight as you drive by.

1303 Glenn Ave. β€” Don’t miss the gigantic reindeer inflatables at the intersection of Glenn and Helen Street!

Murray Hill Subdivision β€” Continuing west along Walton Way, turn right onto Oberlin Road. It’s been described as the neighborhood with lots of “Griswoldians.” Make sure to ride by 735 and 724 Oberlin while you’re in the neighborhood.

3322 Walton Way β€” You can’t miss the elaborate assortment of decorations and lights at this home on Walton Way at the intersection of Ravenel Road.

416 Aumond Rd. β€” Enjoy lots of lights and inflatables at a home on this popular cut through road in the Greenbrier neighborhood.

2930 Hampshire Dr. β€” Also located in Greenbrier, this home is decked out with lots of lights.

3027 Cardinal Dr. β€” Enjoy inflatables and lots of lights at this Forest Hills home. You can even drop off a letter to Santa in the mailbox!

2018 Ashley Dr. β€” This home off Rosier Road in south Augusta has gone all out again this year. They don’t have a radio station, but roll down your window for some Christmas music and enjoy the lights, figurines, and more!

Pine Log Rd. – Once again this year, you’ll find lots of light displays in this small neighborhood located across the street from Cross Creek High School.


2004 Bald Eagle Dr. β€” See details mentioned at the top of this story.

Pleasant Valley Dr. and Bald Eagle Dr. β€” It is well worth a trip out to Hephzibah to see not just the star of the area (2004 Bald Eagle Drive), but also the numerous homes around it that are heavily decorated! Some of them have enormous and unique inflatables, including reindeer feeding out of a trough. There are lights galore. Be sure to check out 1007 and 1011 Pleasant Valley Drive and also 4679 Story Mill Road!


4441 and 4438 Whisperwood Dr. β€” This hotspot in Shadowmoor subdivision returns this year with more than 82,000 synchronized lights between two neighboring homes. The show starts at 6 p.m. nightly.

4424 Griswood Dr. β€” Right around the corner from the Whisperwood homes, you won’t find 82,000 more lights, but you will find a delightfully decorated home with plenty of lights.

Quail Creek Subdivision β€” Quail Creek in Martinez is full of Christmas cheer as lights are everywhere. On Kings Bridge Road (off Wheeler Road) for example, almost every home has Christmas lights, and some of them are pretty elaborate. From Kings Bridge, turn left onto Quail Creek Road, where you’ll find more homes with lights. You’ll want to pay special attention to 4381 Quail Creek Road, where there are a bunch of lights, some of which are strung way up in the air to give the appearance of gigantic Christmas trees. From there, turn right onto Forest Court, which will lead you to:

  • 4381 Feather Ct. β€” Visit this home on a cul-de-sac with a nativity scene, inflatables, and plenty of lights. In the cul-de-sac behind it, there is another home with lots of lights.
  • 343 Forest Ct. β€” Also in Quail Creek, this home is a must see on your itinerary! It almost looks like Clark Griswold’s house, but even better! The lights are super vibrant and everywhere, along with unique inflatables and designs, including a shivering snowman.

311 Stagecoach Way β€” It sure looks a lot like Christmas as soon as you enter Petersburg Station from River Watch Parkway! Be sure to check out this home on the corner of Stagecoach Way and Overland Cutoff.

344 Stagecoach Way and 350 Stagecoach Way β€” About two blocks down the road, you’ll two homes near each other with plenty of decorations to get you in the Christmas spirit.

Tailboard Way β€” Also in Petersburg Station, several homes are lit up near the cul-de-sac portion of Tailboard Way, including 3767, 3769, and 3771.

Candlewood Dr. β€” There are a lot of homes on Candlewood Crossing that are nicely decorated. Be sure to stop by the corner of Candlewood and Timberidge Drive to see a home with tons of inflatables and lights!

550 Gary Glen Dr. β€” Lights are synchronized to music in this small neighborhood off Murray Road. Tune into 90.1 FM!

204 Maywood Dr. β€” Right off Columbia Road in the Edgewood subdivision, you’ll find two homes with lots of lots and inflatables, 202 and 204.

4007 Braddock St. β€” Adjacent to Maywood Drive, there is a home on Braddock Street with lots of inflatables and lights.

208 Pinehurst Dr. β€” After leaving the Maywood homes, take the first right onto Brockwood Street, and then almost an immediate right onto Pinehurst. At that corner, you’ll find another home all decked out with plenty of lights and decorations!

Flintrock Way β€” Continuing south on the Flowing Wells Road corridor, turn left onto Flintrock Way in the Arrowhead neighborhood. While not as jam packed with lights as it was a couple of decades ago, there are still numerous homes with plentiful Christmas lights this year.


Riverwood Plantation β€” You’ll find a dancing Christmas tree house at annual favorite located at 6311 Southbroom Drive with lights synched to music at 90.1 FM and new songs released every week. The show runs Sunday through Thursday 6-9 p.m. and Friday and Saturday 6-10 p.m. While in Riverwood, don’t miss the light shows nearby at 416 Kirkwood Drive, 805 Upington Drive, and 810 Glencoe Way (be sure to tune into 90.3 FM there)!

910 Windmill Ln. β€” Be sure to visit this home in Windmill Plantation that has a large sloped yard that angles down toward a pond. The yard is loaded with lights and Santa’s sleigh! There’s also a dragon like creature in the pond. So much to see, so make this part of your journey!

Northridge Subdivision β€” Northridge is a charming neighborhood year-round, but it’s especially so during the Christmas season. Don’t miss an opportunity to get the old fashioned Christmas spirit as you ride through this small neighborhood off North Belair Road.

Springbrook Circle – As you exit Northridge, take a left onto North Belair Road, and soon take another left onto Pierwood Way and yet another left onto Springbrook Circle. You’ll see 788 Springbrook Circle right away with its vibrant LED lights, unique displays, and Christmas music at 90.1 FM. The homeowner might even give you a candy cane or twoβ€”if you’re nice, not naughty. But don’t stay at 788 too long, because there are lots of other homes all decked out as you continue down the road. Don’t miss 778 and 770 either!

Fernbrook Subdivision β€” Continuing north on North Belair Road, you’ll definitely want to make a tour through Fernbrook! This neighborhood has a long history of extensive Christmas decorating with house after house of lights, and 2020 is no exception!

1145 and 1147 Sumter Landing Circle β€” Take North Belair Road across Fury’s Ferry Road to Mullikin Road. Turn left onto Conn Drive which will take you into the Sumter Landing neighborhood. Two homes next to each other have festive light displays, and other homes in the neighborhood are sure to delight as well.

1165 Oakton Trl. β€” This home in Rivershyre has done it again this year! Lights are synchronized to music. From Hardy McManus Road, take Rivershyre Drive and turn right onto Oakton Trail.


162 S. Old Belair Rd. β€” Tune into 90.1 FM on your approach to this home with lights synchronized to music. There’s even a clever Christmas rendition of “Good Vibrations” on the station that’s sure to make you smile!

200 S. Old Belair Rd. β€” Another home just up the road is also all decked out, so be sure to ride by when you’re in the area!

4515 Coldwater St. β€” Stop by The Retreat at Baker Place to see this home with synchronized lights, trees, and videos! Tune into 95.5 FM and enjoy! From Baker Place Road, turn onto Burch Creek Drive. Take the first left onto Coldwater Street.

North Augusta

Hammond’s Ferry β€” If you’re looking for more of that classical, traditional Christmas atmosphere, take some time to stroll through Hammond’s Ferry subdivision. There are lots of homes with tasteful, yet whimsical decor sure to brighten your evening!

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