Does Paper Reproduce?

Originally published April 1, 2013 4:47 p.m.

Paper, paper, paper!  I’m seeing more of it the older I get, it seems!

I thought we were supposed to be in the middle of something called the digital revolution!  I’m all for keeping important items saved in paper form, and not just on a computer, but paper seems to keep piling up.

I also keep hearing that the Postal Service is having financial trouble.  How could that be?  Every time I open my mailbox there’s more unwanted paper!  Of course no one likes to open bills, but I’m talking about paper that is not only unwanted, but unneeded.  There are all kinds of advertisements for things I don’t need or don’t want.  I get coupons to places I don’t buy from.  I receive notices (flimsy key included) that I’ve won a free car, only to read the fine print and realize I have a better chance of being struck by lightning.  Lately, the new trend is receiving catalogs from companies I’ve never even heard of.

Then there’s those life events that cause you to have to fill out form after form after form.  Most of these forms are not on a computer, but rather on paper.  Some forms are mailed to you twice when you only need to fill out one.  Some forms are just plain confusing, while others seem unnecessary.

I just loved sorting through more paper forms recently when trying to organize tax documents.  Just when you think you’ve located everything, you think of another piece of paper that’s needed to properly do your taxes!  It seems that we are doing taxes in an outdated, inefficient way, but that’s another subject completely!

I’m not saying that the use of paper is wrong or ineffective (although sometimes it is), but there seems to be more and more paper around in these so-called digital times we live in.  I’m drawing out new house plans (on paper) now so that I can make sure to have enough room to store more paper—well, not really.

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