Vacation Season = Need for Another Vacation!

Originally published July 7, 2015

If you haven’t seen much of me lately, there’s a good reason—I was on vacation last week!

My wife and I went with her family to Hilton Head Island. Her family stayed a week, but my wife and I stayed for five nights. As I’m sure many of you do, we looked forward to going and finally “getting away” from the stresses of everyday life at home and work.

When some people go on vacation, they actually rest and take it slow and easy, at least some of the time. That wasn’t the case last week! We were busy, busy, busy but also had lots of fun and new experiences!

I’ve never been crabbing before—until last Wednesday. I’ve never gone on a dolphin cruise before—until last Wednesday. I’ve never gone kayaking before—until last Saturday.

Considering that I’m from Augusta and Hilton Head is one of the closest beaches to Augusta, it may be surprising to some of you that I’ve only been there a handful of times in my life. So, each time I visit there, new adventures are sure to come.

Here are some of the things I did while we were there:

  • Spent hours on the beach (I managed to escape sunburn)
  • Went kayaking on Broad Creek (I still don’t know how, but got sunburned doing this instead)
  • Made sand-sculpted alligators on the beach
  • Bike riding
  • Went swimming in a nearby pool
  • Went on a sunset dolphin cruise (a thunderstorm off in the distance blocked the sunset)
  • Went on a guided crabbing extravaganza (my niece caught 11 crabs–more than anyone else on the boat!)
  • Watched a rain-dampened fireworks show on July 4th
  • Took a day trip from Hilton Head Island to nearby Bluffton and Savannah
  • Got caught in a severe thunderstorm while looking for a place to eat dinner
  • Ate at new restaurants
  • Ate at old restaurants
  • Ate left-overs from restaurants
  • Bought cupcakes loaded with sugar from a semi-famous store in the area (notice a recurring theme here?)
  • Worked out a couple of times (to help burn off all that food mentioned above)
  • Went to the outlet mall
  • Went shopping other places

I don’t know why, but I tend to get sick when vacation time rolls around–sometimes right before vacation begins! This is a trend that I’ve noticed since childhood. It doesn’t happen every time, but does seem to coincide with vacation more than it should. That was the case last week. On the first day I was off from work, I woke up with a sore throat and fought a cold all week long. Despite that, we stayed busy from the time we got up until we collapsed in the bed at night. Thankfully I was able to do most of the activities our family participated in.

But that brings me to my point: I need a vacation from my vacation! Have you ever felt that way? I guess I could use #FirstWorldProblems with this post, but it’s true. I’ve been dragging these past two days back at work! Perhaps that’s why I’m writing this fairly simple post, because my tired self is having a hard time coming up with something better to do!

Tell me, where are your favorite vacation spots? Do you tend to have quiet, relaxing vacations (you know, the kind where you read books) or do you stay on the go all the time? Plus, I’d like to hear your recommendations for places to go and things to do when you get there! Feel free to comment below or let me know on Twitter or Facebook!

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