Georgia and South Carolina Experience a Drop in Average May Temperature Since Late 1800’s

We hear the terms “global warming” and “climate change” quite frequently these days. It’s in our news and creeping into our policies.

So, what has happened over the last century or so in Georgia and South Carolina when it comes to temperatures? If we look at the month of May, both states show a slight decrease in average temperature since 1895. The charts below are from the National Centers for Environmental Information, part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Temperatures have dropped an average of about 0.1° Fahrenheit per decade in both states.

Does this debunk the claims that temperatures are warming in our region and beyond? No. For the year overall, temperatures in Georgia and South Carolina are up since 1895, even though a few months are slightly cooler or about the same as they were roughly a century ago. The months of February and December saw the largest increases in temperature since 1895.

For the year overall, most of the warming experienced in both states since 1895 primarily occurred from the late 1970’s to present day.

To suggest that temperatures have not risen would be incorrect. The debate continues over the reasons for that temperature increase and whether it poses any future dangers.

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