Augusta Sets New August Rainfall Record

August was a rainy month in Augusta, but didn’t always seem that way.

In fact, August 2019 was the wettest August on record for Augusta since records began in the 1873. According to the National Weather Service in West Columbia, S.C., a whopping 12.92 inches of rain fell at Augusta Regional Airport during the month, far surpassing the average rainfall of 4.32 inches for August.

At Augusta’s Daniel Field Airport, there was less rain, but still about double the normal amount. 9.75 inches of rain was recorded, surpassing the normal amount for Daniel Field of 4.92 inches during the month of August.

It may not have seemed like the rainiest August on record because there were plenty of hot, dry days as well. But when it rained, it poured! In fact, Augusta set daily rainfall records three times during the month: on the 14th, 19th, and 23rd.

Days of Rain
Augusta Regional Airport
(Source: National Weather Service; R = new daily record)
August 1 0.03″
August 3 trace
August 4 3.16″
August 5 trace
August 10 0.04″
August 11 trace
August 14 1.93″ R
August 15 0.87″
August 17 0.27″
August 18 trace
August 19 2.33″ R
August 20 0.86″
August 23 3.20″ R
August 24 0.02″
August 27 0.17″

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