Augusta University in a Strong Position, but Needs Your Help to Reach Our Potential

As the president of the Augusta University Alumni Association, I have the privilege of serving as an ex-officio member of the Augusta University Foundation.

The Foundation held its quarterly board meeting Tuesday, November 5. While I won’t discuss specifics of what we talked about, I wanted to share with you how encouraged I am by what I heard.

There is a lot of work to be done, but with your ongoing help and encouragement along with the hard work of students, faculty, staff and administration, Augusta University is positioned to increase its influence throughout the region and the nation.

Not only do we need continued support from Georgia state legislators, but we need support from you. Augusta University, like other University System of Georgia institutions, is “state assisted,” not fully funded by the state. So, if you have an opportunity to donate to one of the many facets of this institution, I encourage you to do so.

With your help we can continue to build upon our educational legacy to provide life changing opportunities for students from Augusta and far beyond. We can continue to expand our Children’s Hospital of Georgia to serve a growing state. We can expand research and treatment opportunities for patients at the Georgia Cancer Center [meet the Center’s new director]. We can continue to build up the School of Computer & Cyber Sciences with new programs that evolve with ever-changing digital technology, and enhance national security in collaboration with the Georgia Cyber Center. We can continue to find ways to bring our various colleges and programs together in interdisciplinary research and collaboration in solving the problems of the world.

Make a Gift

The bottom line—Augusta University is a place where people are given opportunities to improve their lives. Whether it’s the education they seek to set them on a path to productivity and success, or accessible health care they need in rural Georgia, or the cure they need for a disease, or the enlightenment of the community through the arts, Augusta University has the capacity changes lives for the better, and it’s already been doing that for generations. We need your support to continue building on the progress we’ve made for a better Augusta, a better Georgia, and a better nation.

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