UPDATE: Augusta Experiences Coldest Christmas Day in 21 Years

December 28, 2020

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Christmas Day 2020 was the coldest in Augusta in 21 years. According to the National Weather Services, the low temperature at Augusta Regional Airport (which actually occurred just before midnight on the 26th) was 24°. The afternoon high temperature was only 41°. The last time it was colder on Christmas Day was in 1999, with a low of 23° and a high of 41°.

December 22, 2020

A strong cold front will move into the Augusta area around 5 p.m. Christmas Eve. A soaking rain is expected Thursday with much drier, colder weather for Christmas Day.

Ahead of the cold front, temperatures will continue to gradually warm through Thursday, likely reaching the middle 60s during the day on Thursday (Christmas Eve). It will also be increasingly windy through the day with gusts over 30 miles per hour possible during the late afternoon and evening. Rainfall amounts could exceed 1 inch.

Christmas EveChristmas Day
Chance of Precipitation: 100%Chance of Precipitation: 0%
53 / 6527 / 41

The stage is set for the coldest Christmas Day in 20 years for Augusta. At Augusta Regional Airport, the forecast morning low on Christmas Day is 27°. The forecast afternoon high temperature is only 41°. This would make for an average temperature on Friday of only 34°. The last time we had an average temperature on Christmas Day that was colder than 34° was 2000, when the average temperature was 32.74° (that year, the low was 22° and the high was 44°).

The average historical temperature for Augusta on Christmas Day is 46° (a low of 33° and a high of 58°). This is based on a 30-year average of temperatures from 1981-2010.

Despite the wishful rumors, no snow will occur on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day in the Central Savannah River Area. However, there is a risk of black ice on roads and bridges Friday morning as temperatures are expected to drop below freezing while moisture remains on surfaces.

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