Thanksgiving Day Looking Much Cooler than Last Year

If you’re planning to enjoy a warm Thanksgiving meal this year, be extra thankful! The warm food will come in good on a chilly day.

Augusta’s average temperature for November 23 is 53°—which combines an average low temperature of 39° and an average high temperature of 67°.

This year, Thanksgiving Day in Augusta is expected to bring near or below average temperatures. An upper-level trough will dig into the eastern portion of the U.S. Wednesday, bringing high pressure and a cooler airmass to our north. Meanwhile an area of low pressure is expected to develop over Florida by Thanksgiving Day. This low pressure system, combined with a northeasterly wind at the surface will likely cause clouds to develop. Since Augusta will be located on the northern side of this low pressure system, temperatures should be cool for Thanksgiving. This setup might also provide light rain or drizzle, so it could be both a cool and dreary day.

Computer models are still struggling to agree on how cool it will be, but I’m confident temperatures will be below average, especially during daylight hours. Temperatures will likely be in the 50s during the day.

Thanksgiving Day Temperatures

In case you were wondering, here’s a look at temperatures for Thanksgiving Days gone by. These observations were recorded at Augusta Regional Airport.

Year High Low Average
2000 57 35 46
2001 69 28 48
2002 50 27 38
2003 75 37 56
2004 67 39 53
2005 72 48 60
2006 66 37 52
2007 76 47 62
2008 69 30 50
2009 64 35 50
2010 78 52 65
2011 68 35 52
2012 68 31 50
2013 49 21 35
2014 55 37 46
2015 74 41 58
2016 80 45 62
2017 ? ? ?


So while it won’t be nearly as chilly as it was in 2013, it will be much, much cooler than last Thanksgiving when the high reached 80°!

Wednesday Travel Weather

Are you planning to travel on Wednesday? Here’s a handy travel forecast from Brad Panovich at WCNC-TV:

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Again, great blog! I am so glad it is going to be cool. Last year we cranked the air conditioning because the house was so hot from cooking!


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