February 2018 Warmest on Record for Augusta

If you live in the Augusta area, you probably remember the brutally cold days of late December and early to mid January. But much of the rest of the winter brought warmer than average temperatures to our area.

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In fact, February has never been so warm in Augusta as it was this year, at least not since records have been kept. Temperatures averaged a balmy 60° during February—that figure includes high temperatures and low temperatures! By contrast, a “typical” February would have an average temperature of about 49°.

The warmest temperature during February 2018 was 86° on the 21st. The coldest temperature occurred on the 1st at 28°. That’s pretty mild for 28° to be the coldest temperature recorded during a winter month in Augusta.

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For Masters patrons planning to visit Augusta April 2-8, many of the famous springtime blooms will have come and gone already. But the good news is that the thick yellow pine pollen should also be gone by then.

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