Too Soon to Deck the Halls?

Do you have strong opinions on when to decorate for Christmas? Apparently, a lot of folks do!

Now, I’m not talking about retailβ€”it’s common for Christmas items to start appearing in stores as early as August and September. I’m not even talking about the Salvation Army bell ringers or others collecting for those in need.

I’m talking about in your own personal space, such as your home, your desk, or even your car!

I’ve noticed so far this November (prior to Thanksgiving), I am seeing more Christmas decorations and lights already on display than I ever recall! Keep in mind, Augusta had one of the longest summer’s in history, which means it hasn’t been all that long since temperatures finally started to feel like fall. Yet, just about everywhere I go (especially after dark), I see Christmas lights on display. And it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!

What is driving this year’s extra Christmas excitement? Is it a booming economy, perhaps? Maybe. Is it just part of a growing trend to extend the holiday celebration? Possibly. But all of this begs the question: how soon is too soon?

We have a neighbor down the street that puts a full on theme-park style light display up each year that attracts droves of cars night after night. He gets started pretty early, of course, in order to have everything ready “in time.” This year, he’s hoping to have everything working by Thanksgiving Day. But what if he can’t get it done until, let’s say, December 1? Is that too late?

We just moved into the neighborhood and are still unpacking boxes, yet I’m feeling the pressure to get out and decorate pretty soon so that we don’t look like the Scrooges of the block. Don’t get me wrong, I love putting up Christmas lights outside, but finding the time and energy this year will be a bit of a challenge. I might not get it done “in time.”

So, to help me understand what’s going on with the decoration debacle, please vote in my unscientific Twitter poll!

Have a happy Thanksgiving and a merry Christmas!

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