Meteorological Winter is Over. How did Augusta’s 2018-19 Winter Compare to Average?

While the Augusta area experienced chilly, and even downright cold weather this winter, the season turned out much warmer than average.

Despite last year’s warmest February on record, Augusta’s 2018-19 winter season was even warmer than the 2017-18 winter season. According to the Southeast Regional Climate Center, the average temperature for the 2018-19 winter at Augusta Regional Airport was 51.8°, which is 4.6° above average. Temperatures all three months—December, January and February—were well above average.

No snow occurred the entire season, but rainfall was slightly above average. At Augusta Regional Airport, 11.48″ of rain fell, which is about 0.30″ wetter than the 30-year average.

Meteorological winter, unlike astronomical winter, ends on the last day of February and meteorological spring begins on March 1. Astronomical spring arrives Wednesday, March 20. That’s when the sun’s most direct rays are focused on the equator.

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