Augusta’s Winter Climate Stats are in

The 2021-22 winter season in Augusta certainly brought some significant cold air, but most of it was confined to the month of January. Even so, average temperatures during the month of January were on par with what would have been normal for the area back in the 1980s.

Overall, the meteorological winter season—encompassing the months of December, January and February—was a good bit warmer than average, with near average precipitation at Augusta Regional Airport.

According to records from the National Weather Service, the overall temperature for the season was 2.8 degrees warmer than normal, despite the prolonged cold snap in January. That’s because December was 7.2 degrees warmer than a typical December and February was 2.9 degrees warmer than normal. In fact, Augusta tied its record highest temperature for the entire month of February with a high of 88 degrees on February 24.

January not only brought the coldest stretch of the season, but also a little bit of snow. Augusta Regional Airport recorded 0.3 inch of snow on January 21, and much of the central and northern portions of the CSRA received a dusting as well.

There was a near normal amount of precipitation observed at Augusta Regional Airport during the winter months with a deficit of only 0.59 inch. The driest month was February with just 1.63 inches of rain, compared to the 30-year average of 3.67 inches.

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