Biden’s America is Running out of Time

We’re now nearly 9 months into the Biden Administration and things are not looking good for the 46th president, and more importantly, not looking good for the United States of America.

Joe Biden told us over and over again in 2020 that he would always tell us the truth. So, what is the truth? The truth is that since President Biden took office, America has become less respected internationally. America’s economy has weakened. The American people are more divided than ever before. America is seeing an illegal immigration invasion. And America has been unable to escape the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The President not only turns his back on reporters asking questions after he delivers prepared remarks. He has turned his back on you and me and many are beginning to notice. His approval ratings have been underwater since August.

He says he wants to “build back better” while watching us fall apart at the seams. He says he’s “never been more optimistic about this country,” while the misery index grows. He said he would get the pandemic under control and handle it much better than his predecessor. Yet the pandemic rages on, taking lives and leaving lasting health problems for many. He has exploited differences of opinion by using COVID-19 vaccine mandates to divide our country into two ever-growing groups: government worshipers and government haters—there are fewer moderate folks in between. The vaccine mandates are also resulting in some essential workers—already in short supply—quitting or being fired. These are the same middle-class workers he claims to support by tax code reform. He promotes policies that will wreck our economy under the guise of improving “infrastructure” and making the wealthy “pay their fair share.” He turned his back on his Democratic colleague from Arizona when she was confronted and recorded while in a university bathroom stall because of her resistance to supporting his huge multi-trillion dollar plan to “build back better.”

President Biden claimed only his administration could effectively roll out and distribute COVID-19 vaccines to end the pandemic. Now he’s okay with people losing their jobs because they don’t trust his administration and how they’ve handled the pandemic. President Biden claimed he was not advised to keep some troops in Afghanistan so that the Taliban wouldn’t be able to take over. General Mark Milley testified that the President was advised to avoid a full withdrawal. In July, President Biden said that inflation was only temporary. It’s now October, and signs are pointing to inflation getting worse as supply chain issues have hogged recent headlines. Mr. President, you said you would always tell us the truth. But your record so far is demonstrating you prefer telling lies, or at best, you don’t know what the truth is.

None of this is by any measure “better.”

Does President Biden bear all of the blame for the current state of our nation? No. Sadly, we’ve been electing bad politicians for quite some time, and we’re really dealing with the consequences now. But the President does bear responsibility for the actions he has taken and the misinformation he has shared that have had direct consequences on the health and security of our nation.

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